Support group for families with children with disabilities, with a focus on Austism.

Mission Statement: Grupo SALTO is an independent support group for Latino families that have children with autism. Grupo SALTO works to provide the member families and their community with insight and hope into all aspects of living with autism. Grupo SALTO is committed to providing ongoing culturally competent state of the art information, support and services that meet the needs of the families and their children.

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Grupo Salto in collaboration with TAP (The Autism Program) and UIC DD Family Clinics offers educational sessions the 3rd Saturday of each month (except August) from 9:00am to 11:30am in the auditorium at1640 W Roosevelt
Chicago IL 60608

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Thank you for your interest in Grupo SALTO! We invite you to join us in any of our monthly educational sessions, held on the third Saturday of the month.

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Our Team

Grupo SALTO is supported by volunteers, and the Hispanic Program from the Family Clinics, Department of Disability And Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago.
If you'd like to participate, please contact us.

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